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Who We Are

Allegrow Professional Service Ltd (APS), formerly known as Allegras Allegrow Ent., was established in 2004 with the objective of emerging as a reliable provider of Bookkeeping, Accounting, Business consulting and Training Services for small and medium enterprise (SMEs), and start-Ups operating in different business Sectors.

We provide our clients with the kind of assurance and comfort level that they would require when it comes to bookkeeping & Accounting and forensic in Fraud prevention. Our ‘services-only’ differentiates us from other consulting organizations that ‘also’ offer similar services.

We stand among the rest

Allegrow professional Services provides bookkeeping and Accounting services for small and midsized fast-growing businesses. We provide bookkeeping, accounting and financial analysis to help owners and executives make smarter business decisions. Our company philosophy is driven by success, the clients we work with and their unique business needs.

At Allegrow Professional Services, we believe successful businesses are built and maintained by focusing on activities that generate revenue. In addition to providing our Clients with full-services, our mission is to empower our clients to realize their vision through the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions. We help you handle everything from daily bookkeeping tasks to weekly, monthly and annual financial reporting, allowing you to focus on your business